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ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise & ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold provide a powerful platform giving distribution, manufacturing and service companies the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business.

ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise is our cloud based service designed for companies that require Access Anywhere and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality.

ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold is designed for on-premise installation to a file server and is accessible from workstations on a local area network. 

Our applications deliver a unique set of tools that streamline day to day sales, inventory, service, production and accounting tasks.  They are specifically designed to benefit Industrial Distribution, Manufacturing and Service organizations.  Stand-Alone operation also make it perfect for Corporate Departmental needs.

Our design is Customer & Inventory Driven, not accounting driven.  This means that workflow concepts are engineered to naturally operate the way sales, service, purchasing, inventory and production staff approach their jobs.

Our customers face the same challenges you are facing right now.  Our solutions have made a difference for them and will make a difference for you.  It's no wonder, our products are the choice of growing distribution, manufacturing and service companies worldwide.

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ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise - Anywhere...Any Device...

Everyone loves the idea of a physical desk; it's come to represent important business decisions and productivity. Today, those concepts are carried over to your computer. Its part of us, it belongs to us, it's where we get work done.

According to a recent study, within the next year, the number of mobile workers will reach 1.5 billion worldwide. A similar study found that three out of five workers say they donít need to be in the office to be productive.

The fact is that workers donít want to be tied to their desktops anymore. And they donít need to be, nor should they be. Work is now something you do, not a place you go to. And for many people, location doesn't really matter.

Mobile devices are part of everyday modern life and our work day is no exception; they have become a critical tool for productivity and connecting people on the move.

Mobile devices now offer powerful processors, connectivity, functionality and performance capabilities comparable to that of a desktop computer, while at the same time have become lightweight and ultra-portable. This evolution has helped many new types of workers get out from behind their desks, while improving productivity for field-based workers of all kinds.

ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise will greatly expand the vision and growth potential for your company by allowing your staff to focus on ideas, decisions and solutions whenever and wherever they want.  ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise can be accessed from most desktop, tablet and mobile operating systems.  When combined with a smart phone, ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise will provide the same functionality in the car, the airport, in flight or at the office.


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