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Finally...Business Software That Makes Sense!

ORDERS Plus is an Advanced Sales Management, Order Processing and Inventory Control Suite.  Perfect for Distribution, Manufacturing and Service operations.  Stand-Alone functionality also makes ORDERS Plus perfect for Corporate Departmental needs.

ORDERS Plus offers a powerful platform that gives distribution and manufacturing companies the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to industrial inventory requirements and shipment management.

ORDERS Plus is Customer and Inventory driven, not accounting driven. This means the overall workflow design is engineered to naturally benefit the way sales, purchasing, inventory control and production staff do their jobs.

If you're a Manufacturer , you'll experience simplicity when creating Make to Stock & Made to Order Production Runs.

If you're a Distributor, you'll be amazed at the flexibility to Manage Unique Product Lines, Pricing Combinations, Create Purchase Orders Automatically and Easily Drop Ship direct to your customer.

ORDERS Plus can handle the simplest, to most complex Industrial Strength Real-Time Inventory Control and Purchasing requirements.

ORDERS Plus Gold New Product Announcement - Now Available!

  • ORDERS Plus.NET Mail - No Outlook?. No Problems! The ORDERS Plus.NET Email Client will integrate with your existing email server and send Quotes, Order Confirmations, Invoices and Purchase Orders to your Customers, Prospects and Vendors with ease.

  • SMS Text Messaging - Easily Send Text Messages to your Customers and Prospects.

  • Windows 8.1 Compatibility - ORDERS Plus Gold is Microsoft Windows 8.1 compatible including simultaneous multi-company and app access.

  • Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper V Server - ORDERS Plus Gold fully supports installation to Windows Server 2012R2 so your company can benefit from the latest Microsoft Server technologies.

  • Microsoft Office 2013 - Enhancements were made to fully support Microsoft Office 2013.

  • BusinessWorks Gold 2013 Compatibility - ORDERS Plus now fully supports all gold versions of our Integrated Financial Modules.

  • UPS Worldship - Now, when creating a new shipment in UPS Worldship you can enter the invoice number and the respective shipping information is read directly from ORDERS Plus into Worldship eliminating any manual entry.  Then update your invoices with the respective Tracking Numbers and optionally, freight amounts.

  • Crystal Reports - ORDERS Plus Gold and Crystal Reports will tightly integrate giving you the flexibility to benefit from all of the powerful reporting, output formats and export features available with Crystal Reports.

  • Microsoft SQL Server - Tightly integrate 3rd Party Apps with ORDERS Plus Data via Microsoft SQL Server.

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It's No Wonder, ORDERS Plus is the choice for growing Distribution, Manufacturing and Service companies worldwide.

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