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Frequently Asked Questions - Importing

  • Can ORDERS Plus Import Data From Our Existing System?

    1. Yes, ORDERS Plus provides a standard comma delimited import feature. The import utility allows Customer, Vendor and Inventory data from another system to be imported into ORDERS Plus.  Detailed information about the file structures is available in the ORDERS Plus Manual > Import Specification section. 

    2. ORDERS Plus can also automatically import all Customer, Vendor, Inventory and GL data from BusinessWorks Gold.  This decreases the implementation for an existing BusinessWorks Gold user.

    3. Assistance with the Import Utility is included with any support contact.  However, for those customers that need to prepare their data from other systems and do not have the expertise available, we also offer our Data Conversion Service.  Select Here For More Information About our Data Conversion Service.

  • Can ORDERS Plus Import Orders from our eCommerce Site?

      Yes.  ORDERS Plus has an eCommerce Interface Engine that allows orders received from off-site to be imported into ORDERS Plus.  New Customer Information and Automatic Inventory Control is also performed during the import.  Select Here For More Information About the eCommerce Interface Engine.

  • Can Physical Inventory Counts Collected Using a Hand Held Data Collector Be Imported?

      Yes, Physical Inventory Counts can be imported to update the current On Hand amount of an inventory item using an ASCII file.  Complete auditing and adjustment details can also be displayed on screen or via report.

  • Can Vendor Pricing Updates Be Imported Into ORDERS Plus?

      Yes, our Update Pricing feature is designed to provide an easy method of updating the cost each and retail price or list price fields contained on an inventory item record using an ASCII file.

      This feature is perfect for companies that base their inventory system on manufacturers they represent. When the manufacturer has any price changes, they simply send this data on diskette and you can use this feature to update ORDERS Plus inventory with the new pricing.




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