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Frequently Asked Questions - Systems Administration

  • Does ORDERS Plus Operate on the Latest Windows OS Platforms?

      Yes, ORDERS Plus is designed to take full advantage of the latest Windows Server and Workstation Operating systems. Please review the latest System Requirements for more details.

  • Can We Connect Remote Locations to ORDERS Plus?

      Yes, using Windows Server Terminal Services, ORDERS Plus can meet the needs of your remote users and locations.  Typically, a Windows Terminal Server is used as a Gateway to your primary fileserver.  This prevents the primary fileserver from acting as both an Enterprise Application Server and Primary Enterprise Fileserver.  Although, not required, this is the recommend configuration for optimal performance.  Terminal Services are required for remote connectivity.  A VPN only will not provide enough bandwidth for ORDERS Plus operation.

  • Is ORDERS Plus Web-Based?

      Yes, only when used in conjunction with Windows Server Terminal Services.  By default, ORDERS Plus is a client/server based product.  It may be accessed over the internet when connecting to a terminal server.  Any computer that can run Windows Remote Desktop can then access ORDERS Plus.  This also includes some Windows CE based handheld computers.  ORDERS Plus is not a web service or asp application designed to run natively via the internet only, nor does it require the internet for normal operations.

  • Is a License Required for Every Computer that has access to ORDERS Plus?

      No.  ORDERS Plus Multi-user Licenses are Concurrent.  Which means, number of users accessing ORDERS Plus at one given moment.  If you have 50 Workstations that would like to access ORDERS Plus, but only 20 at one time, then a 20 user License would be required.  Simply purchase ORDERS Plus and a Multi-user License.

  • What Database Maintenance is Required?

    1. Verifying Database Integrity via the Maintenance Wizard utility is critical for proper maintenance of the database tables.  This tool is a preventative maintenance utility that will keep the database tables in perfect shape during normal operations of ORDERS Plus.

    2. All database applications have a similar utility since in a multi-user environment, no network is 100% perfect and database tables can have imperfect bytes written to them. This is typical and nothing to be alarmed about.  An automated version can be setup using the Windows Scheduler which will create a trouble free environment.

  • How Do I Add a New Workstation Client to Access ORDERS Plus on the Server?

    1. Simply run the Workstation Setup.exe program located in the OPLUS Folder.

  • What Steps Are Required In the Event of a Hard Disk Failure?

    1. Getting ORDERS Plus back up and running will be the easiest process during this time of trouble.  There is nothing worse than having a Hard Disk Failure, which is not un-common.  Of course, the solution to this problem is based upon having Valid Backups as discussed above.  If you do not have valid backups, your data is simply lost.  However, if you do have a valid backup, Disaster Recovery Instructions in PDF Format are available upon request.

  • What Steps Are Required If We Get a New Fileserver?

    1. First of all, contact our Support Department and request our "Migrating to a New Fileserver" document that will detail the steps which must be taken to move from an old fileserver to a new fileserver.  If you are unable to accomplish those steps yourself, we can provide assistance to customers with a valid support contract.

    2. If your company is also planning ORDERS Plus and/or BusinessWorks Software Upgrades in conjunction with a new fileserver computer, migrate FIRST to the new fileserver computer before installing ANY Upgrades.  This step allows your company to confirm your enterprise is operating successfully with the new fileserver computer and the migration was done correctly.  Eliminating this step will create a next to impossible troubleshooting environment if ANY problems occur.  There would be no way to determine if the new fileserver computer or upgrades are causing the problems. Making sure your new enterprise/fileserver is functional with the current versions of ALL of your mission critical software applications is the wise thing to do.  Only after your company has operated successfully for a couple of weeks should you consider then upgrading your mission critical software applications like ORDERS Plus and BusinessWorks.




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