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Frequently Asked Questions - Upgrading

  • Should Our Company Upgrade?

    1. Yes.  There are several reasons to consider upgrading your current versions of ORDERS Plus and BusinessWorks. Maintaining your business management capabilities can be extremely important these days. One of the most important reasons to upgrade is to allow your company to continue receiving support, training and other professional services.  Support services are only available to customers on the latest versions released.  Not to mention, both ORDERS Plus & BusinessWorks Gold are designed to position your company for success in today's competitive environment. As intuitive as they are flexible and functional, BusinessWorks Gold & ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold are a winning blend of the most frequently requested features and the latest industry advancements. They have the intelligence, the muscle and the insights to put your company on the fast track to success.

  • Is ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold Required For Future Releases of BW Gold?

    1. Yes.  If a new version of BusinessWorks Gold is released, a new version of ORDERS Plus is required.

  • Do I have to Upgrade BusinessWorks Gold to work with the latest version of ORDERS Plus Gold?

    1. No.  ORDERS Plus Gold is backward compatible.  However, limited posting support is available if the version of BusinessWorks Gold installed is more than 2 versions behind the current version released.

  • Will BSA Continue to Support Customers That Do Not Upgrade?

    1. Yes.  Support will be provided to Customers with existing Support Contracts currently in place until those contracts expire.

  • Do We Need to Upgrade Our Hardware?

    1. There are several key technical issues that must be taken into consideration when upgrading to the latest versions of ORDERS Plus and BusinessWorks.  First of all, make sure your enterprise is in compliance with our Current System Requirements. If you decided to upgrade your server computer, special documentation is available from our CustomerCare Department that will assist your IT people on moving the software from the old server to the new.  We also offer IT consulting services which we strongly suggest, to assure your new enterprise is in compliance and the upgrade transition is smooth, painless and by the book.  In all circumstances, make sure that complete backups of both ORDERS Plus and BusinessWorks are performed and verified, prior to upgrading. Additional consideration must be made if upgrading existing or installing new computer hardware at the same time.  Please don't hesitate to schedule a Consulting Appointment to discuss your specific details and determine the correct action plan for your company.

  • What Steps Are Required If We Get a New Fileserver?

    1. Please schedule a Consulting Appointment to discuss your specific details and determine the correct action plan for your company which will also minimize any downtime.

  • If We Upgrade, Will Our Previous Data Be Lost?

    1. No.  All data will remain and will be upgraded during the installation process. However, any Custom Forms and/or Programs may need to be re-installed.  Custom Form & Report compatibility is not guaranteed.

  • Does The Upgrade Price Include Upgrades To Our Existing Add-on Modules?

    1. Yes.  The ORDERS Plus Upgrade includes all upgrades to add-on modules that your company currently has licensed.  No Purchase Necessary For Modules Already Licensed.

  • Does The Upgrade Price Include Multi-User Licensing?

    1. Yes.  The ORDERS Plus Upgrade Price includes upgrading all existing user licenses your company has purchased.

  • Does An Existing Support Contract Transfer to the New Version?

    1. Yes.  Any Existing Support Contract will transfer to support on ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold.

  • If Our Company Purchases The Upgrade, Can We Purchase Additional Modules and License Upgrades?

    1. Yes.  If placing an order for the upgrade, any Add-on modules and Multi-user Upgrade Licenses Can Also Be Purchased at a discount.

  • Will Custom Report or Form Modifications Remain?

    1. Depends. As with all installations of ORDERS Plus, default Forms and Reports are installed.  Typically, Custom Reports do not use the same report names as the default reports shipped with ORDERS Plus and therefore, are not overwritten.  You may need to simply reload the report names into the setup module.  However, Custom Form Modifications are always overwritten during the installation of an upgrade or service pack.  The Upgrade installation will make backups of both your current Form and Report Folders.  After installation has completed, simply copy your custom forms back to the DATA\FORMS folder.  Please also note that custom Invoice or Purchase Order forms will have to modified if upgrading from ORDERS Plus Gold 2004 or lower.



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